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When my daughter was at school age, I was a person walking around a room with no windows and no lights.  I had no understanding about the school system in our community.  It was an unpredictable time.


Before school age, and as a single parent our interactions were with care givers.  My daughter attended a private day care.  There was the standard drop-off and pick-up routine, sprinkled with a dance program or special events.  At the pre-school age I was my daughter’s teacher.   Her academic success was solely my responsibility.  We worked well as a team.  She became an early reader and excel on all levels.  So when she attended public school for the first time, I was extremely nervous.  The nervousness, metamorphosed into grade level crisis after crisis.

Recalling these experiences, motivated this blog.   This blog is to help minimize parents’ nervousness or grade level crisis.  The hope is to establish a forum that will empower parents so that they can make educated decisions for their children’s academic success.


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