A Public School Transfer Request

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Parents and their children survived two months and a half of the new school semester. For some it was a wonderful experience of learning, exploring and adjusting. But for others it was not so good.

Your experience: Could be you and your child feel like the son who, when asked by his mother how his first week of school was, he answered, “terrible”. “The teachers hate me and the students ignore me. I don’t want to go to that school“. If this is you and your child’s experience, parents you should know, contingent on the state that you live in classroom or school transfer options might be available.

Possible transfer options: A transfer request may or may not be honored, it all hinges on the grade level. Elementary and middle school students have different transfer guidelines, high school another set of guidelines. All students must however go directly to the school’s guidance counselor or parent coordinator or principal to initiate any transfer request. The final decision for any transfer is made by the department of education within your county.

Transfers for elementary students: Elementary and middle school students can make transfer requests during the semester year if space becomes available in the requested school. Elementary students can transfer mid semester under two situations. The first transfer is possible if parents are unable to get childcare within reasonable distance from assigned school. The second transfer is possible if two siblings attend separate elementary schools. These two scenarios show how some school categorize transfer requests.

Hardship transfers: There are a few hardship situations that will allow for same semester transfer for all level schools. If there is a medical condition brought on by the school. Or there is a child safety issue due to criminal behavior and violence. Safety issues transfers are executed only by schools and the department of education.

Transfers for high school students: High school transfers can happen mainly from 9th grade to 10th grade. Ninth graders must go through the high school admissions process. Exception to this rule is the hardship rule along with two other situations. The first is the athlete transfer request. It is possible only if the particular sport, listed on the Public School Athletic League, is no longer offered by the school. Transfers are allowed if and only if space is available. The second is called the travel hardship transfer, this is when a student travels more than 90 minutes to school.

Reflecting on the son’s replied that his first week was terrible and that he did not want to go back to school, his mother in shock, retorted “son you must go back to school, you are the principal“. Parents and students you are not the principal you do have an out.