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A Letter Of Lamentation

Dear Parents, Teachers, Principals, Chancellors and Representatives:

Stop preventing Education from reaching its targeted destination. You ask how we are preventing Education from reaching its target. You do this by disruptive posturing. You fight among yourselves flinging various accusations. You put on airs of pretense walking around in your name brand attire spouting disingenuous promises of commitment. But still Education cannot get to its targeted destination.

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Educate All Children Secure Our Future

The most pressing factor in educating all our children is the iniquitous socioeconomic conditions.  A majority of classrooms in low socioeconomic areas cannot always sustain the appropriate conditions to successfully develop the full academic potential of a child.  All children are our future it should not matter what status of life, or culture, they are our future and will need educators to advocate for their academic success.

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