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The Truth About Student Loan Forgiveness

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There is always talk about student loan forgiveness and as the conversation begins the student loan listeners eagerly embrace the prospect of no longer having to make loan payments. However with further research this prospect diminishes as the truth becomes apparent. Not everyone can qualify. Continue reading The Truth About Student Loan Forgiveness

7 Financial Myths About College

Parents new to the college scene might get caught up in some mythical concepts about college.  It is easy to get trapped into this mythical world and by the time parents are aware of their presence in this falsehood the financial damage has taken hold.  With a look at some of these myths parents can take financial preventive measures. Continue reading 7 Financial Myths About College

College Tuition Rewards

Tax Credits cc by Flickr
Tax Credits cc by Flickr

A series of corporations have come together to create reward programs that will lower the cost of tuition.  They understand parents will continue to make purchases during and after the completion of higher education and has found a way to capitalize on it.  Below are some tuition reward programs that are another option to lowering college expenditure.

Continue reading College Tuition Rewards