Crucial Reasons Why Parents Should Volunteer In Their Children’s School


Getting back into the classroom after years of absenteeism, brought forth thoughts of past struggles of the everyday academic world. Walking down the elementary, junior or high school halls the walls screamed, and yes whispered the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences of having to deal with school teachers and administrators.  

Linda Hartley CC Flickr

As the film of memory replayed itself the most resounding recollection is that success came only when I volunteered in the schools. When parents are present in school the success of the student is enviable. Teachers and staff become more accommodating hence, the overall experience is more pleasant. My daughter strove and excelled academically and socially. She was happy and at peace because she knew that her mom was available to her. The parental presents helped her feel protected and love. She knew that teachers and staff will feel the wrath of mommy should they miss treat her in any way.

The lack of presence of parents in schools means a difficult time. We had a lot of those, especially in middle and high school. I stayed away because of the misconception that my presence meant I would smother my child. Also, the thought was that middle and high school is a great place for a child to develop independence and better communication skills. I was grooming her to be articulate an assertive to students, teachers, and staff. In many instances it worked but there were times when detailing with racist teachers, and bullying students that very learning tool became a defense mechanism. Teacher and students were cruel and overtly malicious. There were many calls home about what “your child” did or did not do. Often these calls were extrapolation of events that were geared at job protection. In middle and high school years, there were so much anxiety concerning safety, learning and advancement. There was an extreme distrust of the people in the academic world. In hindsight the best approach to combat such a trying time was to maintain a presence in the school.

Below are some important insights based on past experience why parents should volunteer at every level of their children’s schooling.

  1. Parents lack of involve in their children’s school mean that their children will receive an education based on the prejudices of educators, administrators and community leaders.
  2. The self-esteem of children is in jeopardy when left at the mercy of teachers and staff
  3. Abuse of any kind is more likely to occur when parents are not visible in schools.
  4. The school resources are most likely to be misused. Administrators will direct funds in areas that will promote their interest and not necessarily in areas best suited for children.
  5. Children are more likely to not drop out of school and take part in illegal activities when parents make their presence known.
  6. When parents are policing, that is strolling, the school hallways people with malicious intend are forced to review their actions. Hence, students are less likely to be exposed to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.
  7. Children are more likely to be left academically, and socially. Parental guidance help keep students focus and on track.