Homework Tips For You And Your Child

“The dog ate my homework”.  After spending three hours at the table completing homework given to me by the teacher who loves to give a lot of home work, my dog ate my homework.  Most children do not like homework and will use any excuse for not doing homework, even if the excuse has become a cliché and has since lost its value.

Robert Couse-Baker cc by Flickr
Robert Couse-Baker cc by Flickr

Homework value: Homework a valuable tool that helps build the quality of your child’s education and when used consistently for more than two hours a day reinforces classroom instructions.  Parents who response “two hours, reck hem screck hem reck hem screck hem”, should try keeping the TV off on a school night for a week.

In the interim here are some helpful homework tips for students.

  • Have a light dinner before starting homework; every student functions well after a healthy meal.
  • Apply your child’s homework assignments to everyday life.
  • Have a home folder for homework and project assignments.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your school for special tutoring for your child
  • Check your child’s school bag daily.  Observe the text-book and classroom work sheets.
  • Some children work better with background music, try the classics.  They are less of a distraction.
  • When your child gets a good homework report celebrate the news with a hug, and your child’s favorite snack.

Parents disregard people who rage against homework, these nay sayers have yet to connect it with practice tools for better learning.