If Your Child Wants To Go To College Here Is Why You Should Start At A Community College

Wonderlane cc by Flickr
Wonderlane cc by Flickr

A four-year college cannot always be an option for every student. Sometimes the first best step is a two-year college, a community college.

Reason 1: Attending a community college will mean lower college cost

The cost for senior colleges are twice as high as community college. Consequently, it is more prudent to take all prerequisites at community level and then transfer if applicable to your desired career.

Reason 2: The course load will not be as demanding

The prerequisites classes taken at the community level allows for easier class load. Two-year colleges divide class courses at various levels and at different semesters.

Reason 3: The classroom and lecture halls are smaller

The short college term means quick graduating classes, which leads to lower teacher student ratio.

Reason 4: Under the Fast Track program students can graduate early

If a student missed regular registration he does not have to wait for the next semester, he can register for the Fast Track program. This program has fewer weeks per semester, which means a more demanding academic study load.

Reason 5: There are more scholarship opportunities

Some communities have targeted scholarships that only extend to community colleges. Consequently, both these types of scholarships along with the state and national scholarships are available to students attending community colleges.

Reason 6: The expensive cost of on campus living is eliminated

The commute to a community college is not lengthy so students can live at home, which will cut the cost of living expense for a college student.

Reason 7: Student loan are minimize


Taking a course at a community college will mean less of out-of-pocket cost for many students as they apply grants, scholarship and work-study opportunities. When these opportunities work together expeditiously, a graduate of a community college will not have a student loan to repay.

Sometimes it is best to make gradual steps towards a post-secondary education and attending a community college is a great way to do so. If the decision is to attend, a two-year college and then transfer to a four-year college be sure to check with the four-year college on what courses can transfer. Many people attach a stigma to students who decide to attend a two-year college, but as you peruse the above seven elements it becomes apparent that it is more than cost-effective; it is a wise decision.