Where Parents Can Go To Get Help With Their Children’s Homework


I recall trying to help my daughter with her homework and after several attempts at reading through the textbook walked away and mumbled, “you’re on your own”. She did get the help she needed but at school during their morning tutorials. If this situation sounds familiar to you then do not despair there are places where parents can go to to get help with their children’s homework.

When you setup a homework schedule and routine and as your child takes responsibility to Saraj Andrea Royce                 follow through on doing the work below are places you can visit should your child asks for your help:

Website 1: worldbook.com. This site contains a lot of references and great printable work sheets. There is a small fee of $4 for three days and $50 for a year.

Website 2: cosmeo.com. This site contains videos on a lot of subjects. The fee for this website is $10 monthly or $100 a year.

Website 3: KidsClick.org. This site targets students 3 and older

Website 4: DiscoverySchool.com. The is a science, technology and history portal

Website 5: FactMonster.com. The focus is all about facts or reference work

Website 5: AskaLibrarian.org. Parents can ask help on problems

Website 6: www.ipl.org/youth. Homework support from the Public Library.

Website 7: www.kidsclick.org. Information sponsored by Librarians

Website 8: www.school.discovery.com/homeworkhelp/. Provides links.

Website 9: www.bigchalk.com. General elementary school solution

Website 10: www.refdesk.com. Answer reference site

As you visit the above websites here are some important factors to keep you grounded as you interact your child’s homework.

  • Too much homework loses its joy of completing the assignment because there is so much to do that students begin to feel overwhelmed.
  • At home students are bogged down by excessive assignments and spend most of their time working on completing the assignment and less time with family.
  • If your child attends a school that assigns homework, isolate an area in the home for your child. Make it an area where you can monitor your child.
  • In the initial stage of homework help your child to set up deadlines to prevent procrastination.
  • Music helps some students, complete homework fast and efficient. When your child insist on putting on music while working on homework do not object, instead lower the device and encourage the playing of classical music if not the music of their choice.
  • As you uncover the best homework environment understand that within the setting your child might like to speed through assignments. Help your child learn to pace through the work.
  • The student who wants every work to be perfect is the one who needs the most management because he wants to continuously redo work that is more than acceptable.

As you help your child with homework for success remember never to push your child, step back and allow your child to figure out the best approach. When your child asks for help do not panic from your lack of knowledge instead checkout the above websites that can help you to help your child do the work.